Artist Statement


What draws me to art is its ability to encourage me to think about realities I would not have been pushed to imagine otherwise. In a museum or an art gallery one can find ideas and thoughts that are usually beyond the scope of what we are confronted with outside the art world, yet these works confront us and allow us to think about our daily routine. I find myself attracted to narratives which jarr me out of my comfort zone and stimulate me to think about all the weirdnesses of a world we have been taught to normalize. Consequently, many of my artworks display an intention to tell a story as well as explore my link to the rest of the universe. 

I believe my work finds lineage in the generation of artists that came of age amidst the French art student rebellion of 1968. Artists such as Annette Messager and Christophe Boltanski who are also fascinated with more unorthodox facets of art portrayed their memories and personal experiences in their work. I am always drawn to the freedom expressed by Annette’s use of diverse mediums such as pikes, dead animals, and even embroidery as means of making the desired statements. This variety of mediums and explored subjects in Messager’s works inspires me to take interest in working with many mediums simultaneously. So far, I have worked mostly with ceramic sculptures, yet recently I have explored incorporating other materials such as coffee grounds and wood to enhance the sensorial experiences behind my work. 

A desire to understand my place in the universe drives the narratives behind my work.  I pay attention to my presence as a woman, as a latino woman, and a latino woman born in the U.S. with a college degree, and I try to look for ways the art I do can reveal aspects of my journey through this world in an impactful manner. As a consequence, my work has been increasingly focused towards a more critical approach to representations of the female body. Due to my background as a brazilian woman, I have also begun dabbling into an exploration of memories of place, of forgotten memories, and lost knowledge. 

For example, my most recent works in ceramic delved into a research of the viewer/object relationship in our society and in the art world. As is well-known, women are usually the object of male gaze and hardly ever take ownership over the ways they are seen or portrayed. In this collection of work I pinch, squeeze, stamp, print on, streak, leave finger marks and imprints of myself on these pots, in an attempt to take ownership over the ways they are exhibited as physical representations of myself. Thus, I take advantage of the qualities offered by the medium as well as the connotations associated with it with regards to the human body.  

Part of my goal as an artist is to continue stretching the limits of the chosen medium to meet the ideas I wish to convey. It is also to think about my current existence in relation to the world around me and make meaningful and impactful statements through my work.

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