In less than a year I will leave this college bubble that has been shielding me for the past three years and will be propelled into the wild and unfamiliar realm of “the outside world” or “adulthood” as some call it. As an aspiring artist, it is not clear to me what the future will bring, however, I have a short list of thoughts and values I would like to carry with me through time. Hopefully, this list will improve as time brings wisdom. Here it goes, I would like to:

  • Create work that is meaningful to me.
  • Remember that all comparisons are unfair.
  • Search for a deeper understanding of my self in contemporary society.
  • Be active in my desire to make a change in this world.
  • Challenge myself constantly.
  • Make more mistakes than before.
  • Remember that people are the most important part of my life.
  • I make art to live and thrive.

The intent behind this blog is to help me keep track of my goals, to process and share information that is helpful for emerging artists such as me, and to reflect on ways that art can foster change in people’s lives. There might be a section devoted to inspiring ceramic artists but we shall see. For now, I’ll focus on structuring the blog.

Thank you for your patience!

Much love,


My name is Bia Furtado. I am a Studio Art major and French and Francophone Studies major at Carleton College (Northfield, Minnesota). I am passionate about exploring what parts of told and untold history today condition my perceptions of women in society and the thoughts I have regarding my own existence as a young Latino woman. Physical objects and affectionate love letters are my main vehicles of communication.